How engihubs will help you to connect with B2B buyers and Suppliers!

How engihubs will help you to connect with B2B buyers and Suppliers!

Engihubs have evolved into one of India’s major B2B dealers and are an eCommerce online engineering portal. Providing secure access to engineering-related industries. Whatever your needs are, we will provide you with the best items available.

We are an online portal for Indian engineering products. You can choose from a large selection of industrial-grade machinery at a reasonable price. We are your one-stop and shop for any type of machinery, whether it is for construction or industrial use. Drilling machines, lathe machines, sheet metal machinery, gears, pulleys, and special purpose machines are also available.

Our goal is to revolutionise and transform the industrial machinery market. We create machinery with only the best replacement parts.  We also ensure that our customers are satisfied for the foreseeable future. Maintaining this level of competence encouraged us. And also, aided in achieving national and international recognition.

Engihubs deals with B2B buyers and sellers. We deal directly with the manufacturers and provide an online platform for business. Engihubs is noted for its creative approach to building and upgrading. In India, we work as engineering product consultants. We’ve successfully repaired various goods over the last two decades and kept the cycle going. Our team has a wide range of experience dealing with various businesses. It is capable of supporting any industry, particularly industrial products. 

We are an Indian B2B portal. We’ve worked with some well-known industrial product manufacturers. They are known for their high-quality products and ethical business practises.

This platform can be used by any industrial manufacturer who wants to promote their products and increase sales. And The majority of our suppliers provide guarantees and warranties. You can connect with our buyers and sellers by purchasing our premium. And If you already have it, you can view the client/ buyer’s phone number or email address on the profile and contact them.

We are one of the leading B2B dealers of online industrial machinery portals. We also ensure safe and convenient accessibility to the engineering sector.

For any further query contact us at  +91 9879704443 or visit our website.

The Pros and Cons of buying an air compressor from an E-commerce portal

Air compressors are mainly used in industries because the device can compress gases to high pressure and can later be used for varied purposes. They are mainly used for powering a turbine, tyre inflation, heating, ventilation and mechanical work. Even though air compressors can be bought from retail shops, many customers prefer purchasing air compressors from the E-Commerce portal for industrial products. 

There are several advantages and disadvantages while purchasing air compressors from E-commerce portals.


  • Easy Purchase

E-commerce portals enable customers to reach all over the country for purchasing air compressors. Thus, customers can make a purchase from anywhere in the country through online portals. For instance, customers based in Kochi can buy air compressors from dealers of industrial supplies Gujarat. Also, customers can place orders for air compressors at any time. For example, a potential customer can purchase an air compressor at midnight without any complications. There is no need for the store to be physically open for purchase at midnight.

  • Detailed Information About The Products

Several customers prefer purchasing air compressors from e-commerce portals as they can get more information regarding air compressors through demo videos, reviews, and customer testimonials.

  • Saves Money

The prices of air compressors in E-commerce portals are generally cheaper when compared to the prices in retail shops. In some E-commerce websites, there are no middlemen, and hence customers may not have to spend much money on the purchase of air compressors. Furthermore, in well-established E-commerce websites, frequent discount codes are available during the purchase. 

  • Wide Range of Products To Choose From 

Consumers can choose from a variety of air compressors from e-commerce portals, like reciprocating piston compressors, rotary screw compressors and rotary vane compressors.



  • Privacy and security

Despite all these advantages, some consumers are wary about giving personal information to online sources. Credit and debit frauds are a growing challenge for E-commerce portals. These frauds can result in the loss of revenue and penalties, thereby causing a bad reputation for the store. Furthermore, several E-commerce businesses have fallen prey to malicious hacking. Thus, there is a reduction in the privacy of customers while purchasing air compressors from E-commerce portals.

  • Lack of personal touch and tactile experience

While buying air compressors, some consumers value the personal touch and interaction with sales associates from a physical store. Despite demo videos, testimonials and reviews, a personal touch is quite significant for a better purchasing experience.

  • Accessibility to the internet

E-commerce platforms for air compressors require high-speed Internet access for an optimal customer experience. Hence customers will need an efficient internet connection to view the features and functionaries of the website. Thus, there are chances of exclusion concerning customers with slow connections. Subsequently, delays caused by slow internet can result in loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

  • Rules and regulations of taxation

Rules of E-commerce portals concerning the sale of air compressors can differ in different states and countries. Hence, there could be instances of complexities regarding taxation, compliance and accounting.

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What is the role of a consulting engineer?

A consulting engineer is a licensed professional who offers service in planning, design, and construction of engineering products in both public and private infrastructures. These engineering product consultants provide varied expertise which may be civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, chemical, industrial, and agricultural. 

They also engage in a diverse nature of clients such as government-owned companies, private companies, industrial companies, etc. Furthermore, as a guild of engineering professionals, they do not possess any association with suppliers, vendors, fabricators, erectors and contractors, thereby ensuring that their assistance and services are unbiased. They also provide supervision services in engineering projects, to prevent problems. Depending on the requisites of the engineering project, consulting engineers might be required from inception to completion of the project to provide leading solutions or might be responsible for a single component of the project.

Often when architects and builders come across technical challenges or when infrastructures require improved performance, they seek the assistance of consulting engineers. They provide crucial feedback about material limitations, design weaknesses and significant insight to optimise the entire project. Through their online engineering portals, consulting engineers engage in innovation and quality design, thereby providing a pragmatic impact on the construction, operation and maintenance expenses.

 So what exactly are the functions of consulting engineers?

  1. Interaction with clients concerning the nature of their services and engineering projects.
  2. Recruitment of project teams and their leaders.
  3. Supervision of contractors.
  4. Provision of negotiation in a contract when necessary.
  5. Ensuring the completion of the project within time and budget without any compromise on the quality.
  6. Engaging in senior technical consultancy, analysis, lead engineering and development.
  7. Guidance to members of the team in the formulation of requirements.
  8. Conduct and evaluation of feasibility studies.
  9. Provide advice on the viability of alternative issues.
  10. Engagement of engineering tasks that are broad such as system design, risk reduction, implementation and integration.  
  11. Engage in the performance of crucial engineering individuals on projects for both project teams and customers.
  12. Providing guidance and assistance to ensure smooth and continuous incorporation of new plans, designs etc. in ongoing projects.
  13. Engaging in technical documentation, preparation of results analysis and risk mitigation.
  14. Resolve issues immediately to ensure infrastructure and application stability.
  15. Monitoring preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.
  16. Consulting with architects and senior engineers throughout the entire process of the project, thereby completing architectural and technical design deliverables.

Concerning the profession of consulting engineers in India, they have diverse clients after five decades of struggle. Due to heavy investments in all sectors of engineering, engineering consultancy services have witnessed substantial growth. This growth has led foreign consultancy services to set up their subsidiaries in India. They also have achieved global standards in offering services for complex, large and multidisciplinary projects by setting up an online portal for Indian engineering projects. Consulting engineers in India provide cost-effective and appropriate standards while engaging the genesis of new engineering projects. They also possess the ability to adapt and transfer technology for the execution of new projects or rehabilitation of existing projects. 

An estimate of more than 10,000 companies is involved in providing engineering consultancy services in India. These engineering consulting companies offer their services in several engineering disciplines such as industrial supplies in Gujarat, the nuclear sector etc.

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