5 Major Types of Industrial Products

5 Major Types of Industrial Products

Various products are required in an industry to create the desired results. And these products are broadly classified into two, consumer and industrial products. Most of us are aware of consumer products as these are purchased for our personal requirements. However, the understanding of industrial products remains largely unknown. Industrial goods or products are those used in businesses, usually for further processing, and not for personal use. Nowadays, more people are getting to know about such products and the engineering industry in general. People also purchase some of these products for their business via online engineering portals. Let us delve deeper into the types of Industrial products.

Raw materials and parts

These include the natural materials or pieces that come together to produce the final product. During this process, these products lose their identity and become a part of the final good. It consists of perishable items like fruits, fibre like cotton and jute, vegetables, and milk items, among others. The other kind of goods that come in this category includes products that are created naturally in nature such as oil, diesel, or petrol.

Manufactured parts and materials

Such parts consist of those that need to be produced using raw materials or other manufactured materials. As long as the final product is used as a part of another material, it comes under manufactured parts.


The capital products used in any industry are those that help in the operation or production process, such as accessory and installation tools. For ease of business, these products can also be bought through the online portal for Indian engineering. A catalogue of all products available is shown so you can choose those that are needed in your company or processing unit.

Major equipment

The name of the category defines the purpose of the products included under this section. Major tools and equipment like tractors, engines, machinery, automobiles, and computers are some of the common ones in the engineering sector. For a buyer, selecting these products can be hectic as you need to look into different types of the same item. To make things easier, you could try buying them from online industrial machinery portals

Services and supplies

Operating supplies like paper, tape, and pencils are placed under this section, along with business services that are needed for the smooth functioning of a business. Services could include repair of used equipment or machinery, cleaning of the factory, and business consultancy.

A large number of products are used in any industry, all of which fall under various categories. A product’s origin or use in the business determines the category it will be put in, so understand every type before deciding if you want to buy them or not.

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